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Passport Organiser used on Trip

So used my Ansim Passport Case for the first time on a trip to Europe.

I must say that I am really pleased with it, Kept my passport, airline loyalty card and credit card and £10 note in the case and put my wallet in my bag. The case was in my inside jacket pocket and when I went to check in, no fumbling around, I reached into my pocket and took out the case and passport.

I got my boarding pass and put it in the boarding pass pocket of the case and straight back into my jacket pocket. In the same way it was really straight forward at the gate and also at the customs desk when I arrived at my destination. I liked the fact that that I didn't have to hold my passport in my hand, I just took the case out when I was next in line and the passport went straight back into the case when I was done - Really easy. 

I kept the passport with me during my trip, and just added a couple of my bank cards in the case pocket and left the airline loyalty card in my main wallet. I was travelling light throughout.

It was great to really road test the case and I was not disappointed - try one for yourself:


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