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About Us

Missions Statement:

To fuse modern workstyle and lifestyle with coherent design led solutions.

At Ansim we understand that the modern working life involves carrying different devices, ID cards, credit cards and many other pieces of equipment at any given time.

Our mission is to understand and simplify the life of the modern business executive so that we create a product that allows all essential items to be packed in one handy case. The Ansim Universal Case was the first product that we designed with our mission in mind. Universal case meant that our case is suitable was any tablet irrespective of manufacturer.

As a company specialising in the supply of IT and Electronic accessories for a number of years, the experience we have gained has allowed us to take a unique view of the market and specialise in products with the business person in mind, whether you are a sole trader, a start up or work in a multi-national company, the Ansim products address your requirements like no other product. 

We are continually growing our product range and widening the reach for the business class solutions for modern business operations.